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The 2012 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
External Collaboration - Community Blood Centers of Florida, Inc.

Community Blood Centers of Florida, Inc. (CBCF) is a non-profit all voluntary blood collection agency. Each year, CBCF collects over 250,000 pints of blood and blood products for hospital and kidney dialysis patients in South Florida.

Last year, CBCF ran blood drives with 67 public schools in Palm Beach County. Over 10,350 pints of blood were donated and more than 31,000 lives were touched by these donations. In return, students at high schools in The School District of Palm Beach County received $207,000 in scholarship monies.


The BLOOD DRIVE campaign at the School District’s Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center was wonderful. CBCF collaborated with The School District of Palm Beach County’s Wellness Promotion Task Force to educate members of the school community and the public on the importance of wellness and blood donation. Through this outreach BLOOD DRIVE campaign, the District collected a total of 146 pints in the FY 2011-2012.

We want to say thanks to the heroes from the Wellness Promotion Task Force meetings that took time during those dates to donate blood and help save lives in Palm Beach County. Even though the goal of 150 pints was not reached…there is always next school year. CBCF spoke at all five of the Wellness Promotion Task Force meetings, set up booths providing information on nutrition and its importance in blood donation.

CBCF: Who are we?
  • default_titleCBCF is the only local blood center in South Florida
  • default_titleControlled by local Board of Directors
  • default_titleManaged by local staff who are available and responsible only to South Florida concerns
  • default_titleThe major supplier of all transfusion services in Palm Beach
  • default_titleNon-profit, community based, full-service regional blood center
  • default_titleCBCF collects over 250,000 units of blood a year and is the sole supplier of blood to all of the trauma centers and children’s hospitals in Palm Beach, Broward, Dade and Monroe counties.
  • default_titleLicensed by the FDA & State
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How does CBCF work with the School District and its’ students?
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Donor Knows Their Own Health
• Mini physical exam
• Cholesterol results via internet
• Find out blood type via internet
• Screening test results
Blood drives teach pro-social behaviors – civic responsibility, leadership
Student Run Blood Drives
• Organizational skills
• Management skills
• Open to all (students, faculty, local community)
• Learn about blood and local need
Educational Programs
• Students / Teachers / Staff
HS Scholarship Program
• $207,000 in scholarship money
• Over 250 students received scholarships through their school blood drives