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The 2012 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
Nutrition Standards/Promotion - Afterschool Snack Program

The Afterschool Snack Program (ASSP) is a function of the School Food Service Department and may be implemented in schools where 50% or greater of the student population is approved for free and reduced-price meals.

In order for a site to participate, a school district must run the National School Lunch Program and sponsor or operate an afterschool program. This afterschool program must provide children with regularly scheduled educational or enrichment activities in a supervised environment.

Afterschool snacks must contain at least two different components of the following four:

  • default_titlea serving of fluid milk
  • default_titlea serving of meat or meat alternate
  • default_titlea serving of vegetables or fruits or full strength vegetable or fruit juice
  • default_titlea serving of whole grain or enriched bread or cereal
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Last year, The School District of Palm Beach County operated between 58 and 95 Afterschool Snack Programs; this number fluctuates depending on the time of the school year. Typically, the number of snack programs increase during FCAT when schools offer additional tutoring programs. The Afterschool Snack Programs in Palm Beach County served 1,077,485 snacks during the 2011-2012 school year.