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The 2012 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
Nutrition Education - The OrganWise Guys

During the 2011-2012 school year, the School Food Service (SFS) Department introduced The OrganWise Guys (OWG) to all elementary schools. The OWG program is a school-based intervention that uses fun characters who strive to teach children how to be healthy and smart from the inside out.

The ten characters are:

• Sid and Kid Kidney Brothers
• Sir Rebrum
• Pepto
• Peri Stolic
• Windy
• Hardy Heart
• Madame Muscle
• Calci M. Bone
• Peter Pancreas
• Luigi Liver

Their motto is...

we love who we live in so please take care of us


The SFS Department was able to secure The OrganWise Guys Food of the Month Kits for every elementary school through a partnership with the former Florida Department of Education – Food and Nutrition Management Office. In August 2011, each school received an OWG Food of the Month Kit which included two sets of 25 colorful and informative Foods of the Month posters, 24 Foods of the Month buttons, 24 Foods of the Month laminated cards, and OWG window clings. In addition, each kit came with an assembly book that included two PowerPoint presentations (K-2 grade and 3-5 grade).

In an effort to encourage SFS Managers to host school-wide assemblies or classroom education lesson, the Nutrition & Wellness Promotion Team (N&WPT) held a voluntary workshop. Nicole James, Support Manager for N&WPT, led the workshop and presented a “mock” assembly. The workshop was a success with over 70 SFS Managers attending.

Throughout the school year, numerous SFS Managers coordinated events in their school sites. Many used the presentation to take students on a journey with the OWG characters to find a buried treasure (Food Guide Pyramid). Along the way, students agreed to the OWG club rules and pledged to take care of their bodies from the inside out.

Club House Rules

Eat Low Fat
Eat High Fiber
Drink Lots of Water
Get Plenty of Exercise

OWG Food of the Month Club Calendar


Foods of the Month

Foods of the Month


Stone Fruits

Summer Squash


Whole Grains




Winter Squash


Lean Meats

Sweet Potatoes



Root Vegetables


Cruciferous Vegetables



Good Fats

Reduced Fat Dairy






Fresh Beans








Tropical Fruits


Another important component of the OWG Foods of the Month Kits is to promote nutrient-dense foods. Schools are encouraged to promote the monthly foods through classroom lessons and material sent home, community-wide nutrition education activities, and school menu inclusion. The SFS Department utilized the elementary lunch menus to promote the Foods of the Month and highlighted the items when offered in the school cafeterias.

To assist schools in promoting the OWG program, the SFS Department purchased two video packages from The OrganWise Guys, Inc. One package included eight DVD episodes running approximately 20 minutes and the other package included 72 short PSAs 30-30 seconds long. The department worked in conjunction with The Education Network (T.E.N) to air the videos on the District’s closed circuit channel available to school sites. This was a wonderful avenue for a school to infuse the messages to the entire student population.